Another perfect day!

19 February 2013

The wonderful weather continues and so does the absolutely superb skiing with outstanding snow conditions. We’ve been incredibly spoiled so far this season and long may it last! My 15-year-old nephew Wils was skiing with us this morning for his first-ever ‘Alpine’ morning, and he skied beautifully and did both Gill and I proud. Bravo Wils! Unfortunately Kaye pulled up lame with a sore ankle at the end of the traverse into the Col Pers and had to pull out. We missed you Kaye! The rest of us carried on and ‘skinned’ up the Glacier Pers, which is in fantastic condition and trackless except for one set of perfect tracks that were left yesterday. (Maybe it was PZ? ) Chris’ team was in front of me while Lolo and Fabrice were quite a ways behind us and all the teams kept it tight and took up very little space. (Meaning it’s still looking pretty good back there!) Anyway, it was another brilliant morning of clean and perfect powder, top-to-bottom, and what a start to Wils’ off-piste career! (Thanks very much to Richard F who did a great job taking care of Wils, much appreciated Richard!)

We know that skiers are coming out of the gorge and various reports from trusted people say that it passes but there is one spot in particular where a mistake would be very costly. Today Chris and Suzanne went on a reconnaissance mission through the gorge while I took both of our groups over the Grand Torsai. Chris verified what we already knew, which is that the gorge passes but don’t make a mistake or it’s a seven metre drop into a hole, and you need to think twice before taking a group through.

Meanwhile, Andreas went down to St Foy with the Campbell’s and Philip and Tash and although I haven’t heard a report I’m sure they had a stunning day as conditions are excellent down there. Well done you guys!

I’m out to dinner tonight with the girls, their cousins, Viv, Cliff and Cliff’s boys Tim and Sam, and I’ve worked up an appetite after ‘skinning’ this morning and skiing with Doris and Ron this afternoon.

Another sunny morning at least is in the forecast but rumour has it that we may have a change on Thursday. Stay tuned.

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