An Adventurous morning for Andreas!

20 February 2013

The forecasted blue skies didn’t materialize this morning and we all headed off in various directions in slightly flat light, which after so many days of sunshine was a bit of a letdown. But, the light did improve and by the end of the morning we were all skiing in sunshine, and it remained sunny all afternoon.

I had a cracking morning way out skiers-left in the Pays Desert where we had a mountainside of clean snow, which is always pleasing. We ended up skiing right down to the summer road before ‘skinning’ out for 15-minutes and then had some ‘bonus’ turns on the way home, as Sarah, Dom, Kaye and Stephen needed to be home for 12:45 due to parenting duties. It was Sarah’s first off-piste excursion of the season and she skied really well. Bravo Sarah! And Kaye made a great recovery from her ankle injury with the help of some ‘second skin’. Marvellous stuff that!

Chris returned Glacier Pers-way and ‘skinned’ towards the Gros Caval and they had a terrific morning while Andreas ‘skinned’ to the Lores. They were having a wonderful ski down and were on the lower slopes when Andreas spotted a ‘creeper’ letting go just opposite in the Tour du Charvet. He couldn’t see if anyone was involved so he radioed the Piste Service to let them know. Several minutes later they witnessed another slide, but this time they clearly saw three skiers taken. Andreas kept track of two of them but couldn’t see the third, but fortunately Clare C spotted them so everyone remained on the surface. They skied down to find a father with his two teenagers uninjured, but they did manage to lose all their equipment in the slide. Andreas pulled them out and walked them to a safe place while they waited for the Pisteurs to arrive, and it turned out that they were totally unequipped and very lucky! Andreas was a little worried that he’ll be associated with the avalanche because he called it in and was there helping being the first one on the scene, because we all know how rumours fly about here. Someone sees you helping and the next thing you know is you had three clients buried, all of whom lost their equipment, and not to mention skiing the Tour du Charvet in full sun at 1:30! Well done to Andreas and his team for a job well done! (Andreas took some photos, which I’ll post tomorrow night.)

Gill and the girls had a fantastic day skiing with their cousins and co. They went down to Les Brevieres for a lovely lunch and returned via the Piste Perdue, which was a first for Wils, Rosie, Viv, Cliff, Tim and Sam, so it was all a bit exciting. Tim and Sam have only skied a couple of weeks and Cliff’s skiing experience is limited, so bravo to you all. It was Katie’s longest ski day ever starting a 9AM and they didn’t return until 5:15PM. That’s a pretty long day at seven-and-a-half! Gill nicked my camera this morning so today’s photos are of the girls day except for one photo sent by Kaye.

Better sign off for dinner, stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

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