Last of the sunshine?

22 February 2013

It was another stunning day of bright sunshine and we made the most of it as cloudy skies are forecast for the next week. Andreas headed up to the Col des Barmes de l’Ours for a great ski with his team of Tash, Philip and Peter and Clare C on their last day, while Chris took his team for a trip way out in the Pays Desert. I must say well done to the boys for showing their groups excellent skiing with fresh snow all week, because the resort was pretty tracked before the week even started. Bravo boys! Thomas finishes up his week with Philip’s family today and Henry was in action again this morning.

Meanwhile, Dave had such a good time last season that he risked bringing his boss Simon this year, so I was under a little pressure to perform this morning for Dave’s sake as well as my own. Simon is new to off-piste and he did really well as we threw him in at the deep end. We had some lovely snow to warm up in off the Mont Blanc before I finally made up my mind about what to do, and chose Plan ‘C’ in the end! We decided to stay in the sun and away from the crowds and did a short ‘skin’ up the Crete du Genepy, where we had to ‘sniff’ about a bit as the wind had touched some of the snow higher up, but the snow lower down was terrific. We passed under the avalanche from a couple of days ago and it was pretty impressive and the three skiers were very lucky to have escaped with only a bollocking from the man’s wife. Anyway, we finished our morning with the ever faithful Familial, and I received a bollocking for not getting home until 1:45. Sorry Gill!

Wils and Rosie’s team left this afternoon after a wonderful five days skiing and general all round fun. Millie and Katie will miss them and it was great to have Wils along for our off-piste session to the Glacier Pers. See you again in golf season Wils!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow as it’s a big day in the Premiership, the Six Nations is back, and of course I’ll have the morning’s skiing news.

PS. Stephen, Kaye and Dave took Christian and his Nanny down the Piste Perdue on my recommendation yesterday, and I’m pleased to announce that all went well. I skied it in the afternoon with Ron and Doris and it wasn’t nearly as easy as a couple of days earlier, so I was worried that I’d might have planted them in it! Bravo Christian, you saved me!

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