The promised sunshine arrived

16 April 2008

The promised sunshine arrived and everyone enjoyed a day out of the flat-light conditions. Chris and Andreas took advantage of the weather and ‘skinned’ to the Col des Four where they had excellent snow in which they laid some great tracks. Graham B arrived at Les Tufs around 2PM and was well pleased with his morning’s outing. TJ and I headed to the Fornet and with the Pays Desert looking winded we dove over the Col Pers immediately. The snow wasn’t quite the quality we were hoping for but it was good skiing anyway and TJ’s team circled back around for another run. I headed back to Bellevarde and had some great snow off the Verte, Jardin du Borsat, Familial, and the Spatule. Gill enjoyed her last ski in the sunshine and Millie had a fine finish as well this afternoon with Red Ray along for company. I thought TJ skied really well when he was ahead of us in the Col Pers and it was great to see. He will have gained confidence about the fact that he is capable of continuing and has ordered his new ski school uniform for next winter. Gill and the girls return to England tomorrow as Millie starts back at school on the 21st so I probably won’t have time for an update as I’m taking them to the airport. Sun is forecast first thing tomorrow before more snow moves in mid to late morning.

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