Unexpected sunshine makes the day!

23 February 2013

Thankfully we had a beautifully sunny morning when we were expecting cloud cover, and everyone appreciated the visibility. We did have a moment of temporary mist when exiting the Funicular on the Motte, but it passed quickly and didn’t spoil our day, and by the time it clouded over around 12:30 we were on our way home and already satisfied. We had some great snow off the Mont Blanc, in the gulley under my shoulder, on the Little Borsat West, on the meadows to the Lavachet, and in the Familial to finish. In fact the snow was terrific everywhere we skied, and the pistes were superb as well. It was Stephen, Kaye and Dave’s last day of a brilliant week and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

I was the only one working today but Chris was out with Suzanne and Louise and last I heard he was heading for the Barmes de l’Ours. Hopefully they didn’t have trouble with the cloud cover as the weather was moving in from that direction and the light disappeared earlier.

We had a great après-ski at the Petite Danoise last night with Stephen, Kaye, Christian, Dave, Sarah, Dom, and their kids Millie and Harry. The children had a fabulous time running about and Millie played her first game of pool. Grandpa BG will be pleased to know that she has his eye for the pocket, as my Dad played a mean game of pool. Happy Birthday to Millie, who is seven today and my Millie and Katie are looking forward to your party.

TJ arrives this evening and we’re looking forward to seeing him at Laura’s for dinner tonight. TJ is here until the 16th of March and is available to ski with you.

I’ll sign off as I’m about to get stuck in to an afternoon of Six Nations Rugby!

PS. Five centimetres of snow is forecast for this evening, which is better than nothing.

PSS. I forgot to mention Simon’s mighty ‘park-and-fly’. He flew horizontally for a good ten metres and I feared for him, but he bounced up and dusted himself off, much to my relief. It was a real beauty, the best of the season so far, and I hope no one tries to top it!

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