Not the easiest of mornings, but we had a go!

24 February 2013

I was feeling a little sorry for myself this morning as the resort is tracked out, instead of 5 to 10cm’s of fresh snow there was only about 1cm, the light was flat, it was -20C, and I was on my own as the rest of the boys were comfortably tucked up at home with the morning off. Gill reminded me of the saying, “when the going gets weird, the weird turn pro”, so off I went. After a little test off the Verte it was evident that the new snow hadn’t helped much and then I managed to lose Dave on Bonnevie’s Drag. The best chance of any light was up high so I skied piste down into Val Claret, where Richard F managed to miss the Funicular and I was thinking that a tough day isn’t getting any easier. While waiting for Richard we took the cable car to the top and skied the glacier skiers-right, which was pretty good up top but a little ratty on the steeper section. Then we had a short ‘skin’ to the little Borsat West, which was excellent and by this time the visibility had improved enormously and my spirits were on the rise. We then finished off with the Familial where the snow was surprisingly much deeper, which bodes well for tomorrow. It was Dave and his boss Simon’s last morning and Simon has really enjoyed his initiation to off-piste. He survived yesterday’s ‘splat du jour’ without any stiff neck muscles and we look forward to seeing him again with Dave next season. I also had the pleasure of skiing with Richard B today, who has done a lot of touring with Olivier over the past 12 years. Richard works for the IOC and you know me, give me the chance to talk sports and I’m away. Eventually I asked him what other sports he’s into and he replied that he used to do a lot of rowing. After asking him about his back (rowers normally have bad backs) I asked him what kind of level he rowed at and he simply relied, “I went to the Olympics”. My next question was, “how did you do?” to which he humbly answered, “I won a gold medal!” It turns out Richard was in Sir Steve’s coxed-fours gold medal boat in 1984. Talk about ‘turning pro’, bravo Richard!

The light has remained pretty good so far this afternoon and Millie and Katie are both out doing some race training for their Ski Club Race on Thursday. I might need to put some rocks in Katie’s pockets to weigh her down a little to help her glide! They’ve a week with the Club des Sports during their two-week half-term break, and they are both really enjoying it. (Shame about the massive row when I announced that I’d signed them up for it back at Christmas)

Thanks to Dom and Sarah for hosting a brilliant party for the children last night. Millie and Katie loved it and we look forward to seeing you all again at easter.

TJ has arrived and last night’s dinner has been moved to this evening, so we’ll be seeing TJ tonight chez Laura. Hopefully Scotland will win this afternoon, otherwise TJ won’t be in the best of moods as he takes his rugby about as serious as Jean Ribart.
Sorry Jean!

Hopefully we’ll have enough snow by morning to give us a fresh canvas, as the last one is truly done! Stay tuned!

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