A cracking good 'sniff'!

25 February 2013

There is no new snow to speak of so we didn’t get our much needed fresh ‘canvas’. But the good news is that this morning the sun was out in places making it possible to ‘sniff’ out clean snow that wouldn’t have been possible in flat-light conditions. I tried the Sachette for the first time in a couple of weeks hoping that it wasn’t hit too hard during the 10-day sunny spell and I was rewarded with some great snow. In tight was skied out, but further over was ‘clean’ so I started to cut a high traverse to reach it. About halfway across it became apparent that it was going to be a long slog so we dived down a trackless strip for 15-turns or so before putting on our ‘skins’ for a ten-minute hike to access some excellent snow. It was a good result in these conditions and we were all pleased with our morning, which we finished with the Familial.

Chris is out again this afternoon with an off-piste private and he was heading up through the rocks for the Borsat West from the top. TJ has arrived and is skiing with Joe Powder (alias Russell) today. Now there’s a pair for you!

The girls are out with the Club des Sport again today while Gill skied with Laura this morning. Speaking of Laura, we had a fantastic meal at her place last night with some stunning starters, fantastic lamb, and her delicious homemade ice creams and dried fruits for dessert. It was great to see TJ again, especially after Scotland’s victory, the girls had a lovely time, and thanks very much Laura for another wonderful meal!

I’m not too sure about tomorrow’s forecast but I’d be happy with some visibility as it doesn’t feel like it’s going to snow.

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