Deep goblet on Mont Roup!

26 February 2013

The sun was shining again this morning and it was several degrees warmer as the past few days have been jolly chilly. I had some company today as Chris and Thomas were working and with the good vis we decided on a little walk. I headed up the Crete du Genepy for twenty-minutes en route to Mont Roup, and we had some fantastic powder snow for our efforts. It was good all the way down to where we start ‘skinning’ for Mont Roup, and at this point we’d already won the day with some excellent skiing. About two-thirds of the way up Mont Roup it became evident that a punchy wind was blowing and I was slightly worried about the snow being damaged, and when arriving on top we wasted not time getting our ‘skins’, our jackets back on, and getting started with the decent. After arriving around the corner it was much calmer and although the wind was starting to work over the snow, it hadn’t yet succeeded and we had a fabulous ski. Between 5cm’s of fresh snow over the past day or two, the wind, and the cold temperatures the snow has regenerated and I was surprised at how deep the goblet has become and it skied beautifully. (Goblet is wonderful to ski and one of my favourites, but dangerous stuff after the next snowfall) Bravo to John and Margaret for walking so well, especially Margaret who has been injured and hasn’t ‘skinned’ much at all this season. And John absolutely creamed the goblet on the last pitch, where some technique and a positive approach was a must. Chapeau John! (see photos)

Chris had Tripp along for his first ski with ‘Alpine’. Tripp’s from California but has been living in London for the past five years, and for someone who’s new to off-piste, he skied brilliantly, slotted straight into the tracks, and really enjoyed the walk. It was great to have you along Tripp! And nice to have my French friend Olivier back as well. Thomas was a ways behind with an initiation group, and what an initiation they will have had. Well done Thomas! Andreas’ clients didn’t show so he went off for a scouting mission off the back of the Col des Ves, while I’m not too sure what TJ is up to.

No new snow is forecast so hopefully we’ll get some good light to take advantage of the regenerating snow. There is more to do than people think but visibility is a must!

Bummer about that Gareth Bale bloke!

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