Wonderful snow and well done Millie!

27 February 2013

We were half expecting cloudy weather today but the sun was shining this morning, which opened up our options and was much appreciated. My plan was to head up to the Fornet but I changed my mind at the last minute as Les R told me they skied the Glacier Pers yesterday and that it was ‘rubbish’. Thanks Les ! Anyway, on to about Plan C and we started up to the Borsat West and spotted a flock of six Perdrix Blanche pecking away at the exposed grass on the ridge, and I can’t remember seeing so many of them in one place before. (See photos) The walk up was pretty easy considering, and once in we ‘skinned’ up for about 10-minutes or so to access a lovely clean slope with great snow. We then took the Funicular and ‘skinned’ again to the Little Borsat West, and that too was excellent. From there we skied regenerated snow in the Familial then finished with a funky Spatule.

On the way down we saw Tchenko (Millie’s coach) at the start of the race and he told me Millie won the first leg of her group by two seconds, beating the boys! Bravo Millie! Unfortunately she crashed in the second run but Gill and I are really proud of her.

TJ was in action this morning but he’s not feeling very well and it must have been a struggle. I’m not sure what he skied but he’ll have turned ‘pro’, no doubt! Meanwhile Andreas had a family of Vikings with a couple of 12-year-olds and they skied the Little Lavachet, Sachette, Cocaine Nord and Familial. Skoal! Chris had an afternoon off-piste private and good luck to him as the weather moved in causing flat-light, and at 5:10 it is now snowing lightly. Yahoo! Hopefully we’ll get enough to make a difference.

There has been an amazing amount of goblet forming during this cold spell and although the risk is rated at 2/5, there will be some dangerous slopes after the next snowfall. Anything steep needs care and attention and I feel the stability, which was 1/5 last week, will be up to 3/5 in the next day or two. Stay tuned!

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