What a change in conditions!

28 February 2013

It snowed more towards the Italian Border at the Fornet but with cloud cover and strong Foehn winds from that direction, Thomas, Chris and I all headed towards better vis and protection from the wind in Tignes. Enough snow fell overnight to make a massive difference. The fresh snow was just dense enough to cushion any underlying tracks, especially on gentle to moderate slopes, and we enjoyed a ‘maximum-turn’ type morning. We skied off the Verte, Borsat, my shoulder, Rosolin, Cairn, Familial and Spatule, while Thomas headed to the Sachette after the Borsat from the top. It made a nice change to not ‘skin’ for the first time in ages as the fresh snow allowed us to just ski. (After checking my diary I’ve ‘skinned’ 17 of the past 19 mornings, so no wonder my legs are a little tired!)

Tchenko (the star) piled Millie’s Club des Sport group into a Snow Fun van and took them down to Villaroger today to ski into Les Arcs and La Plagne. Millie was really looking forward to it and went off with her picnic, snacks, hot chocolate money, and enough extra to buy Tchenko a beer at the end of the day. Thanks Tchenko! Millie really enjoyed yesterday’s race, which she was absolutely dreading, and we were very proud of her performance. She fell with three gates to go on the second leg, but beat a girl on the first leg who skis in the Competition Group above her, and who came third overall. Well done Millie but she certainly didn’t get it from me as I could never get my feet far enough apart to be any good at racing!

It’s still snowing lightly as of 2:30PM and although the visibility out there is decent, the cloud cover should give us some protection from ‘track abuse’ this afternoon. Fingers crossed as sunshine is forecast for tomorrow and the Fornet is going to be hit hard!

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