Deep, Deep, Deep at the Fornet!

01 March 2013

The sky wasn’t as clear as forecast but it was good enough and the team headed up into the wind at the Fornet for a fantastic morning. My team skied a very good 3300 followed by a stunning Pays Desert, and an excellent Col Pers to finish. Chris, Andreas, Thomas and TJ were all in the same neighbourhood and we skied 50cm’s of deep light snow in places, and 20 to 30cm’s in others. While I was cutting a track around the corner above the poma after the 3300, Chris was doing a brilliant job cutting a track in very deep snow into the Pays Desert. It was hard work and as usual Chris cut it higher up then normal to put off anyone who wasn’t committed to working for their snow. Well done and thanks JC! Chris then set the track into his little passage through the rocks to access a lovely slope and with all the new snow, plus avalanche activity yesterday, he will have been pumped up with adrenalin. Bravo again Chris! We all then headed over the Col Pers, where the first pitch was sublime with at least 50cm’s, but the lower we went the more the wind became a factor, and on the Grand Torsai it was blowing a gale but it was still good skiing. (See photos)

TJ skied with Russell and Doctor Mike this morning and what a trio they make. Gill managed to ski the 3300 and Pays Desert before picking up the girls after their morning Club des Sport session. They finish their seven day blast with the Club this afternoon and will be skiing with Gill all next week. Millie’s trip to Les Arcs was a big success although three of them managed to get lost for about 30-minutes. Millie dug out her piste map and got them back to the car, much to Tchenko’s relief! She said it was really scary but great fun at the same time.

I’ve my first full-day off tomorrow and am planning a big ski with the girls in the morning, followed by lunch at the Billabong Burger Bar, and then an afternoon swim. Sounds like I’ll need to go back to work to recuperate! Stay tuned!

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