A great day off with the family!

02 March 2013

I enjoyed my first full-day off of the season and it’s been an interesting day. The girls made our tea this morning and delivered it in bed, then made breakfast and set the table. So far so good. Once on the hill Millie was being pretty obnoxious first thing but after threats of cancelling the burger-bar at lunch she rallied, said sorry, and we ended up having a terrific morning racing about, doing some one-legged exercises, and mixing in a little off-piste.

We had a good lunch at the Billabong/Roxy Burger Bar followed by a hot-waxing lesson on the terrace afterwards. The girls spread the wax pellets and ironed their own skis, and hopefully we’ll try them out tomorrow afternoon. Millie and Katie continued to play on the terrace and this mean woman in the Mont Roup complex yelled out her window, “Shut up!” She then started using the f-word on them and told them to go back to their own country. I think she thinks that we’re here for the week renting so she’s in for a bit of a surprise when she finds out we’re not going away. Gill is going to invite a load of kids over soon for a terrace party, so if you’ve any noisy children, send them along! (That’s what happens when the Marie builds illegally too close to other buildings)

TJ and Chris were the only ones working this morning and Chris took his team of Catherine, Tripp, and Graham up to the Col des Fours. The first few turns were a little ‘educational’, but the snow improved with each turn and they ended up having a cracking good ski. Chris avoided the second ‘skin’ to the next little Col and was pleased he did as there was avalanche activity on the other side. TJ had an all-day private with a mix of piste and off-piste, and I’ve no idea what he got up to.

At the moment I’m sweating it out as the Hammers are leading 1-0 away to Stoke after 56 minutes. Come on boys!

More sun is forecast for tomorrow.

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