Against the Wind!

04 March 2013

A change of weather is forecast by tomorrow and already this morning a strong Foehn wind was howling, especially up towards the Italian border. Andreas and I both headed up to the Fornet to ‘skin’ up to the Glacier Pers, and we were surprised by the strength of the wind that we needed to break trail against, as Chris’ track from yesterday had disappeared. The good news was that the snow was still excellent as it had withstood the wind so far, the sun was shining brightly, and we were the only two groups on the mountain. I had Seb with me today and it was his first-ever ‘skin’, but after putting them on and taking them off twice in a gale, he’s not a novice anymore! My friend Tony is back and along with Catherine and Penny we had a cracking good day, as did Andreas’ team.

Meanwhile, Thomas and Chris were showing a lovely group of Canadians around the Espace Killy, and TJ was out skiing with Richard and Clive. Gill and the girls had a blast around the pistes but they had to hide in the woods in order to have their picnic as the wind was hitting their regular spot. I skied right passed them when trying to meet up and didn’t hear Millie calling me from their secluded hideout.

Hopefully it won’t be too dire tomorrow and perhaps we’ll be lucky enough to get a few centimetres of snow!

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