Tough conditions this morning!

05 March 2013

It was never going to be an easy morning with grey skies, a howling Foehn wind, and absolutely no new snow, except the odd strip of cream blown in by the wind. After some nice turns in frisset off the Mont Blanc piste Chris and I were forced to try the Campanules, as the Borsat was closed due to wind, and after a predictably unpleasant traverse we fortunately found some good strips of soft soufflé where it turns back towards the north. From there we headed up to ‘skin’ to the longer of the Borsat West walks but as we arrived on my shoulder a nasty cloud descended upon us leaving us almost blind, so we backtracked to the Leisse chair to regroup. We then skied the Genepy en route to the shorter Borsat West walk and once off the piste the cloud rolled back in and we needed to wait it out, moving forward with each moment of visibility. Eventually we made it to the starting place and just as we were putting on our ’skins’ the cloud cover broke and we could see enough to comfortably carry on. What a relief! Most of us finished the morning with the Familial but George and I went back up to ski the Spatule, which was actually jolly good with the snow blown in to smoothen it all out a little and give it a soft ‘feel’.

Gill’s friend Alex was skiing with me today and Alex skis with me once or twice a season whether she needs it or not. She always enjoys herself and skis pretty well, especially considering how little off-piste experience she has. Bravo Alex! Along with Penny and Tony I also had George and Hannah from Norway. George is an avid reader of my Daily Diary and came to us because of the blog.

Gill and the girls are out with Laura walking Mel, and that should keep them all busy for a while as I write today’s entry. Gill’s Mum Liz is arriving tomorrow but unfortunately (if you’re a non-skier) it’s forecast to snow for the next four or five days. Hopefully Gill won’t have too much trouble on the roads as she and Millie are driving down to pick her up. Once they’re back up safe and sound I’ll really be looking forward to a fresh canvas as it’s pretty tough out there at the moment. Stay tuned!

PS Does anyone know anyone going down to Lyon Airport early- afternoon this coming Sunday? Gill’s Mum is looking for a lift.

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