No new snow to speak of!

07 March 2013

We awoke to +4C in the village this morning but the good news was the wind had almost totally died away. It’s been totally socked-in up at the Fornet for several days during the violent Foehn winds, which normally means that some snow has fallen towards the Italian border. With the wind dropping overnight and we all headed up to the Fornet hoping for the best but at the same time expecting some new snow, especially on the lee slopes and in the gullies, but we were disappointed at how little fresh snow there was to be found. I started off cutting into the Combe du Signal from the Pyramid Chair and didn’t find much for our efforts. We then followed Andreas into the Combe 3300, which was much better with strips of soft snow that were very agreeable underfoot. Andreas then headed out into the Pays Desert while I headed to the Col Pers with Chris not too far behind, and my team were the first in, which is always good ambience. It was good skiing top-to-bottom with wind compacted snow, gullies of softer snow, and lower down some great slopes of soufflé that had been warmed up and softened with the warmth of the day. There were chamois and bouquetin on the way out to round off a very pleasant trip.

Thomas came down later on and apparently someone had set off a pretty substantial plaque. As far as we know no one was injured and I’ll post some photos that Thomas took when I receive them.

As for yesterday’s tragic accident, we’re not really certain exactly what happened as there are conflicting reports mix with rumours, which is difficult to sift through. One thing for certain is that two skiers died, and the guide was a very experienced and well respected.

Katie and Laura prepared a superb meal last night with a gorgeous carrot and beetroot starter, followed by homemade pasta with red pepper pesto, then lovely ice cream and cookies, followed by a selection of dried fruits and cheese. Katie helped Laura prepare all the food and helped serve and clean up. Bravo and thank you girls!

After enduring a few days of nasty windy and grey weather, we never received the 40 to 60cm’s of snow that we were expecting and desperately needed. It’s starting to clear up this afternoon so who knows what’s going to happen over the next few days?

PS Thomas’ photos now on my link. Impressive and scary, merci Thomas!

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