Half and half!

08 March 2013

The sun came out yesterday afternoon to tease us because after several days of pretty grotty weather without any fresh snow, the sun popped out to remind us of how pleasant the alternative was. And just when you started to think that a sunny day might be in store it was back to flat-light again this morning, but at least this time it had started to snow lightly. I ended up giving Seb and Tony an hour of technique before venturing off-piste and then finished the morning with another 45-minutes of tuition. It made a nice change and with the boys being into it we ended up carrying on until 1:15! I ran into Henry up on the Motte, Chris was in the vicinity, Thomas was on-piste as well, Andreas opted out to get some paperwork done, and TJ was planning on heading to the Fornet with Russell. It’s still snowing lightly at 2:30PM and the new snow will now make our lives easier again over the coming few days. Hallelujah!

Gill drove her Mum down to Les Brevieres for lunch while Laura skied Mille and Katie down to join them. They were planning on eating at the Sachette, which is always a safe bet. Bon appetit and thanks Laura!

I had a lovely drink at the Taverne last night with John and Caroline Scott, who I haven’t seen since TJ’s 50th, and not since leaving Top Ski before that. It was great to see them again and hopefully they’ll come and ski with us sometime in the future because besides being excellent company, John is pretty handy and Caroline is one of the finest female skiers I’ve ever had the pleasure of skiing with.

If you missed the photos Thomas took of yesterday’s avalanche in the Fornet they can be found with today’s photos. They are impressive so do have a look.

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