What a cracking morning without too much to work with!

10 March 2013

Finally after a very difficult week the sun came out and we enjoyed the visibility and found some great snow. My team warmed-up off the Mont Blanc piste, which was excellent and really whet the appetite. We then continued on to ski the lower Borsat en route to the Motte where a 95-turn pitch on the Rosolin was awaiting, followed by a short ‘skin’ that accessed another 35-turns or so across the Glacier. Next up was my shoulder, which was terrific so we circled around to ski it again before another short ‘skin’ to the little Borsat West, which was equally good. We finished off a fantastic morning with the Familial and it was a surprisingly good morning as not that much new snow has fallen but we managed lovely soft snow with a smooth base underneath.

Meanwhile, TJ skied the Borsat before heading upstairs to the Motte where he came in above us on the Rosolin then continued on for a Tour du Balme and I’m not too sure where he ended up after that. Andreas was skiing with Ian and Robert up at the Fornet and the three of them had a great ski followed by a fantastic lunch.

I skied with the girls this afternoon and because the snow isn’t too deep but is light it was the perfect opportunity to take them off-piste and lay some tracks. They love putting on their beeps and skiing the powder and it was nice to get them away from the crowded pistes. While we were skiing Gill was taking her Mum Liz down to Lyon for her flight home. Thankfully she had a sunny day today to finish off her short break.

It was a nervy finish for England against Italy in the Six Nations and it sounds like a cracker between United and Chelsea, and what a good win for Liverpool against Spurs. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

PS I hope you enjoyed your day at Twickenham Wils!

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