Splat du jour!

11 March 2013

We had a few centimetres overnight and decent vis first thing with it forecast to clear as the morning progressed. I had such a good day yesterday and a new team today, so I took the easy option and skied much the same again. Off the Mont Blanc was a lovely warm-up, followed by a quick trip through the lower Familial. Then it was decision time as it was socked-in towards the Motte, but with it forecast to clear we took a chance and headed up the Funicular hoping for the best. I must say we got exactly what we deserved and arrived to white-out conditions, but Chris and I continued out into the Rosolin anyway and had a good ski before ‘skinning’ out. (Chris was back in action after being ill for a couple of days) We skied down in a fog but by the time we’d climbed out the skies had cleared and we were in sunshine for the rest of the morning. (It had been foggy enough for TJ to lose Alistair on the piste) After the Rosolin we skied off the Genepy en route to a short walk up the Borsat West, which was excellent, followed by a good Familial to finish.

Andreas finished his three-day private with Ian and his pal Robert, who by all accounts is quite a fun loving character. They’ve been doing some serious skiing but enhancing it all with cracking good lunches. Thomas is back in business tomorrow and Henry is doing a week with the Ski Club of GB while Ginny and the children are back in England.

I took an amazing splat leaving the Gourmandine this morning and was saved by my backpack. I’d just mentioned to everyone to be careful while descending the slippery embankment and relaxed when stepping onto the flat pavement, not realizing that is was covered with a thin sheet of black ice. My feet shot out on front of me and I went down violently like a sack of potatoes, but fortunately my airbag cushioned the blow. What a start to the day!

Millie and Katie were back in school this morning after a two-week break so getting them going wasn’t the easiest this morning. Gill is well pleased to be off childcare duties and back off-piste! Their Canadian friend Kari is back skiing with me and the girls can hardly wait to see her for some dinner and skiing Wednesday afternoon.

A similar day is forecast for tomorrow, which will do nicely!

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