An excellent Crete and Mont Roup!

12 March 2013

When I awoke around 7 o’clock the sky was clear and looking very promising, but by the time we were half-way up the Olympique it was snowing and looking like the visibility was disappearing. Fortunately the cloud cover thinned out enough to allow us to see and navigate comfortably, and with light snow falling and the sun filtering through it made for a lovely ambience and nice skiing. After yesterday’s heat Mont Roup was a calculated risk but it paid off and by playing with the expositions Chris, Andreas and I all had an excellent outing starting with some good ‘bonus’ turns off the Crete du Genepy and followed some great skiing on Mont Roup itself. I finished off with a Spatule while Andreas, Olaf and Anna headed towards the Fornet. (I’ve posted a few photos but missed some as my camera was on the wrong setting for part of the morning)

Thomas was skiing with Pascale up at the Fornet and I’m not too sure what Henry was up to. TJ had the day off and went down the valley to visit Min. He stopped by this morning to tell me the story of Alistair getting lost in the fog and it sounds like Alistair was cut up by an Austrian woman who was cutting in-and-out and wanted to followed TJ.

Gill went out with Doctor Laura this morning and Laura had a bad fall on-piste. She’s down in the hospital in Bourg for observation and TJ is with her now and Suzanne is going down this evening. We wish you well Laura and TJ and Gill will take care of Mel for you, so don’t worry! Stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

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