Plan 'B' but excellent!

13 March 2013

We had full sunshine this morning, which wasn’t forecast and believe me, no one was complaining. I was planning on a trip to the Col des Fours but we didn’t have enough ‘couteaux’ to go around and with it rumoured to be icy and tricky on the Col I decided to knock it on the head and ‘skin’ up to the Glacier Pers instead. It turned out to be a fabulous trip with brilliant snow and the 5 to 10cm’s that fell overnight added to the cushion and helped enormously. (See photos) The sun is climbing higher in the sky now and the lighting is so much more intense now with a deeper blue to the sky. Quite stunning really!

Meanwhile Andreas, Chris and TJ all gathered ‘couteaux’ and headed up to the Col des Fours without me. Apparently the ‘couteaux’ were necessary as it was pretty slippery up top, which made me feel better about the decision to pull back. They all had a great ski down working the expositions and it was a good result. I think Thomas and Pascale headed to Mont Roup to milk the last of what will be on offer there, and I’m sure Thomas ‘sniffed’ out a good route down. Unfortunately Pascale’s husband broke his collarbone a few days ago and is unable to ski.

Kari has kindly taken the girls off skiing this afternoon, which freed Gill and I up for a little ski, then the three of them are going to the Folie Douce for a bop. Scary stuff the three blondes together! It will be a bit of an education for them with the ‘boys’ strutting their stuff in high heels and funky outfits. Fortunately the girls were adamant that I wasn’t invited! Thanks Kari for entertaining them.

Gill, TJ and I are off to Geoff and Inga’s for a gastronomic delight this evening with great food and wine, and I’m really looking forward to it.

We may get another light snowfall overnight but it would be nice to have good visibility again tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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