A wonderful Sachette!

14 March 2013

The wind was howling last night and when awakening to grey skies and flat light it wasn’t very inspirational while laying in bed wondering what to do. Fortunately a few centimetres of fresh snow fell during the night and by ‘show time’ there was enough light filtering through to promise at least enough light to navigate and have a go. It’s been a while since the last trip to the Sachette and with wind and -17C at altitude it seemed like a good time for a visit, especially when there was a good chance that more snow fell at lower altitudes. I cut under the Borsat chair then traversed across the Borsat Nord to the far side and we found a great patch of clean powder to get us started. It was surprisingly deep and promised more good skiing to come. We bussed around to the Palafour en route to the Sachette, where the snow was superb and deeper than expected. No one has been back there for a while so Chris, Thomas and I had the place to ourselves and by staying north it was excellent top-to-bottom. (See photos) We all then finished off a lovely morning with a very good Familial.

Andreas headed up to the Fornet to ski the Glacier Pers, which is still in great shape. They had good vis up top for the main slope then Andreas needed to feel his way around a little for the trip down from the Grand Torsai. After the avalanche last week there is rubble laying about that needs to be avoided and being able to see makes life a lot easier.

Thanks to Geoff and Inga for a great evening last night. Sitting across the table from TJ and Russell takes me back over thirty-years and reminds me of what a wonderful place and part of my life Val d’Isere has been. The food and wine was excellent and we all shared some jolly good laughs as well. I must say however, that none of us are as pretty as we used to be!

Another cold day is forecast for tomorrow but with better visibility and as it’s snowed lightly most of the day we should have more options available in the morning.

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