It was an unexpected bonus

18 April 2008

It was an unexpected bonus morning as the sun was shining and the forecast gloom didn’t arrive until late-afternoon. Chris and I returned to the Sachette because it was so good yesterday and we enjoyed an equally good ski today while TJ skied the Tour du Charvet before heading up to the Motte. Andreas had the day off and worked on his house (I thought he’d be practising for the Val d’Isere Open) but he’s back in action tomorrow. I’d like to say well done to Rory J who after a tough first day has pulled himself together and skied beautifully ever since. Well done Rory! It was Dick’s (of T-Bar fame) 60th tonight and TJ and I had a great time at the Taverne d’Alsace paying our respects with many faces from the past. It was a really good evening laughing with people we haven’t spent time with in years. Brother John made an excellent speech and Dick’s reply wasn’t bad either. Gill and the girls returned safely and the apartment feels a little empty but luckily Dick’s birthday fell on a good day. It’s snowing lightly and it looks like our wonderful conditions are to continue.

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