One of the colder days of the season!

15 March 2013

It was one of the coldest mornings of the season with -22C on Bellevarde, and for mid-March it was a bit chilly! The wind had been blowing overnight so it wasn’t the same scenario as yesterday as certain slopes had been touched up during the night, making it a little trickier. We had some low lying cloud cover but it was clear at altitude and towards Mont Roup and Tignes and the idea was to stay in the sun whenever possible, so Chris and I headed for the Chardonnet. It was excellent ‘skiers snow’ having been slightly compressed but it skied well and the team did a great job and enjoyed it. (See photos) From there we returned to the Sachette as it was so good yesterday, and it had withstood last night’s wind and was still probably the best snow on offer high up, and it just got better and better towards the bottom. We finished off a really good morning with the Familial, which was even better than yesterday. Faye who is fairly new to off-piste, was skiing with my team and she skied really well. Bravo Faye!

Thomas and Pascale were heading to the Motte, TJ had an all-day private and started out in the Sachette, while Andreas was heading towards the Glacier Suspendu but decided to pull out and skied back into the Sache, and Henry had an all-day private and I’m not too sure what he skied.

The girls are very excited as Kari is picking them up from school and taking them swimming. (Of course I’m not invited) They are also privately planning to meet Kari at the Folie Douce tomorrow afternoon after their Club des Sports. They think they can finish at the Club at 4:30 and then make their own way to the Folie Douce and find Kari in the crowd, all before closing. Good luck girls but I admire your independence and enthusiasm!

I’m happy to announce that Doctor Laura is on the mend after a nasty crash on the piste while skiing with Gill this past Tuesday. We’re all thinking of you and get well soon Laura!

Another cold day is forecast for tomorrow, but as long as it’s sunny and we can see, we’ll take it!

PS Today was TJ’s last day and he’s off tomorrow morning around 6:45. It’s been great having TJ back for a few weeks and we look forward to seeing him again next season. Bon voyage TJ!

PSS And a big hello to Frans. I’ve just finished a terrific week with Adrian and Frans would have been with us this week. We’ve been thinking of you Frans!

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