Will you marry me?

16 March 2013

What an action packed morning that turned out to be! The sun was shining, it was significantly warmer than yesterday, and the wind had dropped. Perfect ! Andreas’ day took an unusual turn when Jeremy proposed to Faye on the Col des Barmes de l’Ours, which after a big ‘yes’ made for a jolly festive ski down in great snow. Congratulations you two, what a brilliant place to pop the question Jeremy. And thank goodness she said yes, it could have spoiled a terrific ski! Olaf and Anja skied their last day of a wonderful week and we look forward to seeing them same time next year.

Meanwhile Stephen forgot his backpack in le Petit Danois last night and was looking a little naked without his equipment this morning, but he behaved himself well this morning. My team started out with a lovely Alti-port en route to an excellent little Lavachet down through the trees, and from there we skied an even better Cocaine Nord. Gill had to peel out to meet the girls while the rest of us carried on and things started to get more interesting. I was trying a run I hadn’t skied in ages because the Aiguille Percee chairlift has been broken down and some of that sector has been left untouched. I came around the corner on a traverse and we were confronted with an impressive little drop off a cornice. After stamping about and trying to prepare an easier take-off and landing zone we dropped in one-by-one, and everyone made it with Harry being the last one in. Unfortunately he caught his ski, swung around and took a fabulous purler, which was pretty impressive. Harry dusted himself off but because he’d dropped down too low we needed to change our plans and headed for the Cocaine Sud instead. That wasn’t a problem because we knew there was still some great snow to be had after traversing through there earlier in the morning. Unfortunately Harry’s day got worse as he slipped off the traverse and accidentally managed to deploy his air-bag during his fall. He skied the slope (see photos) but we couldn’t work out how to deflate the balloons so Harry needed to head off to the Pisteurs hut for assistance. (I knew that was a good move because Chris always calls in after he’s mistakenly deployed his) Harry injured his wrist during his fall so I’m awaiting news and hoping he’ll be able to ski tomorrow. The rest of us carried on and finished with a very good Familial, after which we witnessed some very impressive flying during a helicopter rescue in the Piste Perdue. The pilot had his craft hovering beautifully still in a very narrow and dangerous space while they winched up the injured party.

I then needed to rush home to take care of the girls as Gill was off to pick up Laura from the hospital in Bourg. Laura has been down there since her accident on Tuesday and I’m pleased to report she’s feeling much better and has her wicked sense of humour back. Poor Chris, who likes a quiet life, has Mel living with him as Suzanne has volunteered to take care of her until Laura is ready to take over.

PS I just spoke to Harry and he’ll need a few days out with a hand injury, and the Pisteurs didn’t know how to deflate his bag either!

It’s a big day of sport with Six Nations Rugby and Premiership football on the cards, and a win for the Saints would round off a perfect day for Jeremy!

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