Tough conditions but good skiing!

17 March 2013

After a gloriously sunny day yesterday we were greeted with a strong Foehn wind, grey skies and light snow just starting to fall. It wasn’t very inspirational but Chris, Andreas and I headed out to make the best of it and we ended up with some jolly good skiing. The little Lavachet down through the trees was excellent so we continued down as far as we could before ‘skinning’ back out. From there Chris and I skied the Sachette while Andreas skied the Sache and my team finished off with the Familial. I’m not too sure what everyone else did in the end but it was a decent morning in pretty tough conditions.

The wind is shifting some snow and building some areas of plaque, which need some awareness and caution. Andreas triggered one yesterday and I set off a little one today on the traverse to the Lavachet. We knew they were ready to go and they were easy to deal with, but with more snow forecast accompanied by wind it’s going to get interesting over the next few days as the risk will definitely be on the rise.

I forgot to mention Thomas’ day yesterday when he had some hot-to-trot skiers and he gave them a good ski in some couloirs, as well as the Lavachet while Chris took his team up to the Fornet for the Glacier Pers.

Harry’s hand injury was serious enough to keep him off skiing today, and from the look of it he won’t be back for the rest of his holiday. It’s swollen and very tender and poling and pushing would be impossible. Bummer Harry!

Jeremy had the perfect end to his day yesterday when after proposing to Faye he watch the Saints beat Liverpool to greatly increase their chance of Premiership survival. I’m hoping for a similar performance today as the Hammers play Chelsea away. Come on boys!

PS Check Henry’s website for an excellent article on air-bags and the pro’s and con’s. It makes for very interesting reading.

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