30cm's, just enough vis, and 'maximum-turns'!

18 March 2013

The wind dropped overnight and it was snowing lightly this morning but no one expected the superb ‘maximum-turn’ skiing we were treated to today. Solaise was slow to open so I headed up Bellevarde and had a lovely appetizer just of the edge of the piste. I was surprised by the depth and quality so I came back up to try the Fontaine Froide, which was brilliant! It was so good we skied it four times, and with the new lift you can pack in a lot of skiing in a short period of time. From there we had some great skiing off the edge of the piste en route to the Borsat, where we opened up the Borsat Nord from the top. By this time the vis had improved dramatically, which added to the experience, and the snow quality was excellent top-to-bottom. After skiing the meadows we circled back to ski the Borsat again because you don’t get it to yourself in those conditions very often. We didn’t see anyone else all morning during four rotations on the Fontaine Froide and two in the Borsat, which is weird but I’m not complaining! I tried to finish off with the Familial but a fog bank was rolling through and I didn’t fancy spoiling our morning by getting lost, so we skied bits and pieces off the edge of the piste on the way home.

Chris and Andreas headed up Solaise and made their way to the Pissaillas Glacier, where I’m sure they enjoyed some fantastic skiing as well. Chris had a warm-up on Solaise while Andreas started in the ‘L’, before skiing the Combe du Signal from the Pyramid. They then skied the 3300 and I’m not sure what else after that.

The visibility improved around 11 o’clock for a short time but it’s come back in and is snowing fairly hard at 2:45PM There was a good 30cm’s this morning and it should snow the rest of the day and into the night so conditions will become serious by tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS I forgot to mention falling into a ‘creeper’ on the Fonatine Froide this morning. I stopped, and while turning around to watch the next skier I felt myself starting to slip and dropped into the ‘creeper’ that had been camouflaged by the new snow. I was lucky as one more turn would have resulted in a ‘park-and-fly’! And it was nice to have Diana T along.

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