Slow start, outrageous finish!

19 March 2013

Blimey, after a slow and somewhat frustrating start, the morning turned out to be absolutely stunning! At least another 30cm’s fell overnight and with the sun coming out people were chomping at the bit to get going and the slow opening left everyone a little edgy while waiting to get started. I headed up Solaise for one on the piste and unfortunately Inga injured her calf and had to pull out. Sorry Inga! (Poor Wynne injured his calf with Andreas yesterday and is out for a month) From there we headed up Bellevarde and made the best of it skiing great snow here and there while waiting for more lifts to open. Eventually Tommeuses opened and while Chris and Andreas skied the Familial in wonderful snow, Thomas and I decided to head to Tignes via an untracked Campanules. I was thinking about the Motte but Thomas mentioned the Chardonnet, and with a track already cut the risk was greatly reduced so we decided to give it a go. And wow, what a good call that turned out to be Thomas! Whoever was first in set off the couloir, which was jolly convenient of them and much appreciated. We skied straight down the guts of the Chardonnet and I don’t think I’ve ever skied it that deep. It was deep and light and ridiculously good! (See photos) From there we had a brilliant run under the Balme before finishing with a lovely run down my funky route in the Familial. Chris and Andreas circled around after the Familial and followed us into the Chardonnet and their teams had terrific mornings as well.

After a frustrating start, especially with what happened to Inga, the morning really took off and became a memorable one. And what an outstanding first morning with ‘Alpine’ it was for Charlie, who emailed several ski schools last night at 10:40 from a bar looking for a space. Gill answered him this morning at 7:30, and he turned out to be a not only a great bloke, but an excellent skier as well.

I had great afternoon with Diana T and her childhood friend Kirsten working on some technique and skiing a little soft snow when the Borsat finally opened around 3:30. We’re going to get Kirsten up and running so she can join an off-piste group in the future.

I’ll sign off now as I’m on supper duties, but I must say I’m still buzzing!

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