The Motte at its best!

20 March 2013

After all the snow we’ve had over the past few days it was no wonder that there was a lot of avalanche activity yesterday, both natural and skier/boarder triggered. The signs were obvious and we took extreme care while finding a morning of stunning snow. A young lad working here for the season set off the Grand Torsai yesterday and went for the ride of his life but fortunately all he lost was his skis and poles. Anyway, with less vis today we needed to be extra careful to not push the boat out, and the entire team came up with another special morning. Bravo boys!

While skiing yesterday afternoon I noticed that the Grande Motte was looking pretty tasty and with so much snow that the dreaded dreadlocks had been covered in so I headed that way this morning via a good warm-up off the Verte and into the Borsat. It was looking a little grey upstairs but I decided to take a chance and go up for a look and exited the Funicular to a 100w light bulb burning above us in the sky. Hallelujah and it was game on! After three excellent runs off my shoulder we headed up the cable car for a real treat. It’s been a long time since you could step out of the lift and start skiing deep powder all the way down to the Leisse chair, and it’s a jolly long run. We skied the cable car twice, the first time with great visibility and the second time the weather had moved in and it was snowing again, but it didn’t spoil our fun. We then skied off the edge of the Genepy on the way home before skiing piste to La Daille. All in all it was another morning of ‘maximum turns’ of very high quality. (See today’s photos)

Chris came up to the Motte as well but missed my train and I never saw him again. He was having a great time off my shoulder and variations and did 5 or 6 rotations before heading down off the Genepy and finishing with a terrific Familial. Meanwhile Andreas and Thomas started with a superb Kern, then skied the Borsat and Chardonnet before working their way into the Sache. They had a fantastic morning and like me, they finished with piste as the Familial was foggy and it was starting to get late. Andreas was taking Chrissy down to catch her train as today was the last day of her brilliant season. Enjoy your horse competitions and sailing Chrissy!

Gill became dizzy last night around 6PM and has been in bed ever since. She can’t get up and can’t eat or drink, and she is feeling extremely poorly. The doctor has been by and given her an injection and I’ve picked up her prescription so hopefully she’ll start to feel better soon. Thank you Laura for taking care of the children all day, it’s very much appreciated, especially when you’re not feeling your best either.

It’s snowing quite hard again at 3:45 PM and rumour has it the sun will reappear tomorrow morning, so hold on tight and stay patient during the upcoming powder frenzy!

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