Another wonderful day!

21 March 2013

The sun returned again today and with it expectations of a great day, and the boys delivered in their usual style. Chris, Andreas, and Thomas all headed up to the Fornet for a change of scenery as we’ve been skiing Bellevarde/Tignes way for the past few days, and they found great snow all morning long. The wind howled last night from the North-West and it wasn’t good everywhere, but in the less and gullies there was some wonderful snow to be had. The boys skied the 3300 and Pays Desert before eventually heading over the Col Pers to finish off their mornings. It was easy to see their work as ‘Alpine’ tracks stood out amongst the rubbish all over the mountain. Bravo boys! (Can you tell it’s late and I’ve had a few?)

Meanwhile, I decided on a calculated risk and tried the Tour du Charvet hoping that enough snow had blown in to cushion the lower slopes. We started off skiing a nice warm-up from the Borsat down to the Grand Pre and the signs were positive for a decent on the Tour. We were the first ones in and there wasn’t a track on the mountain, and the first half of the Charvet was fantastic powder. Once we hit the wall where the snow was going to be more questionable, TJ’s Shoulder, which turns slightly away from the sun, was just protected enough to be excellent skiing. Once down through the avalanche debris towards the bottom we could turn away from the sun and although the snow was a little more ’educational’, it skied well and the team did really well. I love that type of snow where you need to apply yourself and get great feedback and zip out of the turns. From there we went to join the boys at the Fornet, via a good run on the Super L, some nice turns off the Laisinant Express and a nice clean patch in the lower Combe du Signal. Once on the Glacier we followed Chris and Thomas down the Pays Desert and through Chris’ Passage, which was all brilliant. I was running out of time after stopping to find a lost ski from one of Christophe’s clients, and with a big queue at the chair and wanting to get home on time to check on Gill, I decided to head home and make it up en route. We took the up-and-over and found some bits and pieces and eventually found some nice snow in the middle of the Super L before cutting towards the Mattis tress to ski a line I haven’t skied in 15-years or so. Good fun and I wondered why I haven’t skied that area for such a long time?
Anyway, all the boys had a wonderful morning and sunshine is forecast again for tomorrow.

I had an afternoon session with Charles and his girlfriend Izzy, and we worked on some technique and skied the Jardin du Borsat. Charles was the fellow who emailed from a bar just before closing and had now done two mornings, brought two blokes (Paul and Paul) from his Chalet, has subjected his girlfriend to my afternoon technique, and has talked his sister into doing the same tomorrow. You’re a good man Charles!

Gill is feeling much better this evening and managed to eat dinner with us at the table before climbing back into bed at 8:30. Thank you everyone for your telephone calls, emails and visits. And thank you Laura for taking care of them all day yesterday and teaching them to make home made fresh pasta, ice cream and sorbets, and proper carbonara, which was superb last night.

PS Henry was in action and headed towards the lee slopes in Tignes where quite a bit of fresh snow blew in. I haven’t had a report but I’m sure he ‘sniffed’ out some terrific skiing.

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