A very warm day that changes conditions drastically!

22 March 2013

The day started off overcast, which made ‘where to go’ decisions a little trickier but it was forecast to clear up during the morning. Andreas and Chris headed up to the Fornet to ‘skin’ up to the Col des Fours and they had a great outing. It was a good result as it was incredibly warm today and the heat and wind has changed conditions drastically and anything that works is seriously good news, and the boys played with the expositions and came up with an excellent ski. Thomas skied (and boarded) the north side of Mont Roup, while Henry chose the Fornet for his team.

I started off thinking about the Sache because it was clearer that way but after skiing a good Lavachet the heat of the day made me change my mind and we did a u-turn towards the altitude of the Grande Motte. I was worried about the big slopes of the Sache from our little Col, especially if it hadn’t been skied, so I decided to play it safe and go upstairs to cooler temperatures and less exposure. Anyway, my shoulder came through again as it was trackless, and although warm it was pretty deep and skied well. From there we had a run off the cable car, where we had various types of snow, some of which needed a positive approach and some technique. My ladies team of Diana, Pascale, Penny and Louise skied it brilliantly and I was proud of them. We then returned to my shoulder for another run as it was the best snow, and again the ladies applied themselves. We skied a good Cairn on the way down and finished with bits and pieces before skiing piste to the bottom. It was a cracking morning and the ladies really did the business!

I had a great afternoon with Charles’ sister Emma and her pal Rachel working on technique while Katie was out with her school friends doing cross-country skiing up at the Manchet. It’s fantastic the opportunities they have here and the girls are really enjoying their time here.

The best news of the day is that Physio-Lou’s husband Gavin has passed his Euro-Test and is now qualified to teach skiing here. Gavin worked for several seasons with Oxygen, and I remember him being dedicated and professional, but his license ran out and he couldn’t teach anymore. He’s been trying for years to pass his test and he’s not getting any younger, but he’s persevered and today he finally made it. It’s a huge relief to them both as they were thinking of leaving town and setting up in Austria where Gavin would be allowed to teach. Congratulations Gavin, we’re extremely pleased for you and it’s the best news I’ve heard in ages as Gill and I know how much it means to you!

And congratulations to Milly Cowell, Dave and Tamsin’s daughter, who came 6th out of 2001 children in an international school children’s ski race. Milly trains here with the Club des Sports and she came first in her age group. Well done Milly! (Info comes from Millie Watson so hopefully it’s fairly accurate)

Gill is on the mend and is out of bed and eating at the table. She sat outside in the sun today and feels much better for it. It’s great to see her smiling again and hopefully she’ll be able to ski sometime soon.

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