Warm and grey with the odd spot of sunshine!

23 March 2013

After the heat of the past two days our powder options have dwindled down considerably, and there is not yet any spring snow to speak of. Chris headed towards the Glaciers Pers but aborted his mission because of poor visibility and ended up skiing a good our du Lechoir, while Andreas headed towards the Sachette and skied some excellent snow in the couloir. I had Richard H and Penny with me today and we had a nice ski up on the Motte and below on the Little Borsat West where the northern pitches were beautiful. With the warmth of the day the pistes are in fantastic shape so when we weren’t off-piste the piste skiing was similar to perfect spring snow.

Millie and Katie are out having a great time with their Club des Sports groups, and will be nice for them to ski some softer snow as the pistes are much more forgiving than when they’re hard to icy. Gill is still feeling pretty wobbly but a bit better each day, although she’s still as ways off being able to ski again. Doctor Laura is also on the mend but her season is over although she’s going to stick around for some spring weather, the social and to play with Mel. Inga’s calf injury is slowing improving and hopefully she’ll be able to ski again when she returns in a few weeks.

The avalanche that I reported a few days back in the Grand Torsai was actually further over on the lower section of a slope called ‘Oh My!’ The young lad involved had his gloves ripped off, had snow in his mouth, and lost his skis and poles. Needless to say he was very shaken up but fortunately was uninjured.

Hopefully we’ll get some snow soon as it’s going to be tough out there otherwise. Fingers crossed!

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