What a perfect day to take off!

24 March 2013

I took the day off today, sorry Penny, but it worked beautifully as it was a very uninspiring day. It was grey, dull, and windy with absolutely no new snow to work with, and I thoroughly enjoyed lazing about reading before taking the girls to the swimming pool. The girls had a wonderful time as they put out loads of floats, balls and various other pool toys and it’s all pretty relaxing. Dave C was there with India, as were Ginnie and Katrina, Fiona and Iris, and Mark J with his wife and baby. All fairly social really.

This afternoon I took the girls and their friend Anna skiing (I’ve still skied everyday so far this season) and we had a good time blasting about, although they think I’m a little slow. All I want is for them to develop some skills and make some turns instead of going straight but apparently turning isn’t cool. They don’t even ride the chairlifts with me if it‘s a three-man! (See photos) Anyway, they’ve come home and are now out in town for a ‘wander’ as they call it with Anna. They’ll certainly miss the independence that they have here when they return to England on April 10th.

Gill is starting to feel better and tomorrow she’s hoping to leave the house on her own! It will be one week on Tuesday that she started to feel dizzy and she’s never been out of action for this long in her life. You can imagine how fidgety she’s getting!

The forecast for the week isn’t great but as long as we get some snow we’ll be fine. Stay tuned!

Sports Report- I’m desperately hoping the Calgary Flames make the NHL Playoffs so my Dad and I can watch them when I visit in May, instead of adopting another team to cheer for. Unfortunately they suck at the moment!

PS The rest of the boys were off today as well. And Millie has just returned home with Charlie and Caroline’s four-year-old twin girls for lemon cake while Katie is hanging out in front of the Tourist Office with Anna. Blimey!

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