April 19th and 20th

20 April 2008

The 19th started off cloudy but by the first lift the skies had cleared and we were on for a stunning ‘maximum-turn’ with 10 to 30 cm’s of light powder. My team skied off the Laisinant Chair, one under the Vallon bubble, a Grand Vallon, a Combe du Signal, a 3300, a Pays Desert, and then a superb trip over the Col Pers to finish. All the teams skied similar runs and for those who finished their season, it couldn’t have been a better day to bow out towards summer. Anne C skied beautifully after a two-year absence and it was nice to see her back! I had a five-hour lunch with Blue and his girlfriend Nina, and I’ve been suffering ever since with ‘beer-poisoning’ followed by some sort of ‘chemical reaction’. Thanks for helping me home TJ and thanks Rob for the get-together with Marie B. The 20th was another excellent morning with Chris and Andreas skiing wonderful powder followed by spring in the Sachette while TJ had a great morning off the Motte. (I stayed in bed) Tomorrow is TJ’s last day of a very positive few weeks here but unfortunately the forecast is for rain to around 3000 metres. Let’s hope they’ve got that one wrong! Stay tuned!

PS The forecast was totally wrong as it’s snowing in the village this morning and TJ should have a great last day.

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