A pretty tricky morning!

25 March 2013

We were expecting some sunshine this morning but needed to endure flat light and patches of fog instead. It was looking tricky from the Gourmandine but once out of the Olympique it was much brighter and it looked as if it might clear up. The snow off the Verte tested positive with some soft snow facing north and supporting snow with a fresh cushion facing the sun, and with some decent vis I was thinking it might turn out to be a pretty good morning. Chris and I headed towards the Sachette to ski powder up top followed by some spring-like snow further down, but by the time we arrived at the little Col we were in a fog. The top pitch was white-out conditions but from the second pitch down we were under the fog bank and had enough vis to enjoy the trip. (See photos) Down below we turned to the sunny-side to find lightly supporting spring snow that kept as on the surface, which of course was a great result! Once out of the Sache the fog came in and we spent the rest of the morning making our way home via the pistes.

Andreas started on the Borsat followed by the ‘Wall’ and was working his way to join us in the Sache, but by the time he arrived it was too foggy and he pulled back. He finished off with a little Spatule and in the end we all had a pretty good morning out in tough conditions.

Millie is out with the Pisteurs doing some sort of avalanche awareness course. The Pisteurs do a great job with the children and over the years they’ve had rides on snowmobiles, in blood-wagons, and even had a little hover in a helicopter. Brilliant!

Penny had some surprise visitors last night when Katie and Anna knocked on her door. They had gone to the Creperie to buy themselves a crepe and when they realized that they didn’t have enough money they went to visit Penny instead. Penny served them tea and cakes and said they were very polite and had a lovely time. Thanks Penny!

It has snowed lightly during the day and hopefully we’ll get enough to make a difference tomorrow.

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