Just a few cenitmetres but great skiing!

26 March 2013

About 5cm’s of fresh snow fell overnight, but combined with a few cm’s yesterday it was enough to have a nice impact on today’s conditions. With -9C on top of Bellevarde first thing we had a good re-freeze that gave us a supporting layer underfoot, and with a nice cushion on top it made for some great skiing. After positive tests off the Verte Chris and I started by cutting into the middle-Borsat, which was atmospheric with pretty good snow. From there we headed upstairs to the Motte and skied some excellent snow on my shoulder, where Thomas joined us. The Motte cable car opened so we tried one from the top and although the sun was poking through giving us good visibility the snow quality was good but nothing compared to lower down so we skied two more rotations on my shoulder. Thomas reported that the Cairn was in great shape so we skied a lovely Cairn on the way down and then finished a terrific morning by getting stuck in a fog in the Familial and needing to get the compass out! Blimey, it was good to get back to the piste!

Andreas started off with the Table d’Orientation, which was a great start to their day, before working his way to the Motte via the Borsat. He’s skiing with Peter and Clare, along with John D and Steve L, and Andreas is still out there this afternoon with Steve’s kids.

I had the pleasure of skiing again with Eric H today. (see photos) The last time we skied together a couple of years ago Eric did his ligaments in the Pays Desert and it’s great to have him back fit and enjoying his skiing again. Bravo Eric! I’ve also skied with Tim’s 15-year-old son Freddie the past two days, and young Freddie is skiing really well and it’s hard to believe he’s just getting started off-piste. Bravo to you too Freddie!

It’s snowing big flakes at the moment (2:55PM) and combined with what we already have we should have a fresh canvas with a soft cushion, which Red Ray will enjoy as he arrives tonight. Stay tuned!

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