Bravo John D!

28 March 2013

Everyone thoroughly enjoyed their day in the sun yesterday but it was back to business again this morning with flat-light and light snow falling. Our options were fairly limited but we had a fantastic morning skiing 20 to 30 centimetres of light powder on northern exposures. Andreas, Chris and I all started with a hike up to the Borsat West (which turns enough to the north) and had a great opener. Clare C had a heart-in-your-mouth moment when she slipped after getting her skis back on, which was no easy proposition, but husband Peter was quick to the rescue and stopped her before it became serious. Well handled you two! The snow on the Borsat West was excellent and Chris’ and my teams profited with a light-bulb above that made a huge difference. (see photos) From there we all skied towards the Sachette where Andreas took the couloir and skied down with John D who is overcoming his vertigo problem in the steep. Warming up with a walk into the Borsat West followed by the couloir will help sort that out! Bravo John as you’ve come a long way over the past couple of seasons! Chris and I continued on into the Sachette and everyone again enjoyed lovely winter powder. The lights started to go out tow-thirds of the way down, which made for some ‘nervy’ moments but we all arrived home without too many problems.

I skied with Oliver, who I haven’t seen in years and he’s Bridget G’s god-son. He had his pals Sunil and Charlie along and with Red Ray, Freddie and Tim we had quite a cast of characters.

Gill and I went for a walk this afternoon to watch Millie’s cross-country, which she and her classmates were really enjoying. They’re so lucky with their school activities and it was lovely to watch them laughing away while the snow was falling. It’s hard to believe it’s almost April as it was a scene from mid-January and it was stunningly beautiful.

Gill’s feeling a better but is still a long way from being able to ski or drive. It’s been ten-days now and she’s getting frustrated about being house-bound and missing the powder. She’s off now to do the office so that at least gets her out.

Twenty to forty cm’s of snow are forecast today and during the night ahead so we’ve a ‘fresh’ canvas to look forward to!

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