A good team ski at the Fornet!

29 March 2013

We all had a great morning at the Fornet in decent light for the most part. We had some thick snow in places but also some wonderful powder in others, especially in the Combe du Signal. I managed to prang myself on ‘Henry’s Bear’, which is the only obstacle in the Combe du Signal and I skied straight into it scoring a perfect bulls-eye and going ass-over-tit.

I’m getting ready to go out to Penny’s so that’s it for tonight although the pictures tell the story of the day.

Happy Easter Everybody, and remember the clocks change tomorrow night.

PS We had a wonderful session in the Taverne last night with Ellie’s cousin Mandy, her husband Chris and daughter Amie. Matt C arrived and was celebrating his 50th along with his eldest daughter Jess, and David Mac and Dick showed up as well. Millie was getting along fantastically well with Jess, and Matt and I just smiled at each other about the twists and turns of life. Gill made it for a drink after doing a stint at the ‘Alpine’ desk and it was nice for her to meet Mandy and her family.

PSS Thanks Penny for a wonderful drinks party and well done Freddie, who at 15 years-old did himself proud during his first proper off-piste week. Bravo Freddie!

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