Risk rated at 4/5, flat-light, but fantastic skiing!

31 March 2013

Although sun was forecast this morning we had another flat-light day to deal with, as well as a avalanche risk rated at 4/5. Chris and I were the only ones skiing this morning and we started off with some lovely snow off the edge of the pistes before trying the Fontaine Froide, which was good up top but a little sticky further down. The Borsat opened so we had a better ski all the way into Tignes only to find the Funicular closed. Fortunately they opened Les Lanches just in front of us and we had an absolute belter top-to-bottom on the piste. My team then skied two excellent runs down from the Funicular and under the Fresse chair before seeing Chris again for a final run down a much improved Familial.

It was great to have Victoria along for her first off-piste ski in two years. She’s had some time out while being pregnant and having baby Felix, but she skied really well today and thoroughly enjoyed herself.

On the way home on the bus two skiers climbed on board and mentioned that they had just skied the Chardonnet in a metre of fresh powder. I personally think skiing such a slope in that much fresh snow with an avalanche risk at 4/5 is pushing the boat out. But even if the guide feels the slope is stable and safe, the legal consequences of an accident in those conditions would be devastating.

Gill has gone out for an Easter-egg hunt on skis with Katie. It’s her first attempt to ski in about 12-days so I wish her luck. The weather has cheered up this afternoon so at least she’ll be able to see. The hunt as been organized by Sarah and Dom, who always put on a good show. Thanks you two!

Sports Report- Jeremy and Fay are back and I must say life is treating Jeremy well at the moment. In the past few weeks he’s been engaged to be married and his Saint’s have beaten Liverpool and Chelsea to give themselves a great chance of Premiership survival. And I must say I was extremely pleased with the Hammer’s result although those Wigan boys remain pests and keep raising the bar of the drop zone.

PS Millie had a wonderful time at her sleep-over last night. Apparently the girls were up until 1AM but she seems pleasant enough for the moment. Katie had a lovely time with Ray having a chocolate crepe before heading to the Blue Note. Thanks Ray

PSS Thanks to Pat W for a lovely dinner last night and it’s great to have Joy and Al back in town. Katie and Gill had hot chocolates and Chevallot treats with them this morning and thanks J & A for the girl’s lovely presents! Gill and Katie really enjoyed the Easter egg hunt but Gill is a long way off being ready to ski.

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