A wonderful ski with blue skies!

01 April 2013

The brief period of sunshine late yesterday afternoon played havoc with the snow and ruined some potentially great slopes. North remained protected but other expositions needed precise route finding to ski safely, meaning not putting people’s knees at risk, but the boys chose well and came up with a great morning of skiing.

My team had a good warm-up of the Laisinant followed by some lovely snow in the lower Combe du Signal before heading up to the Glacier. I decided to head over the Col straight away and we skied some nice snow before climbing up and over the Col. You could ski in, which is a rarity, and the Col Pers was superb all the way to the Grand Torsai. From the Torsai down wasn’t as bad as expected and the first half was pretty good, but the bottom half was ‘educational’ to say the least but we managed and it was a great outing. From there we circled back and skied some excellent snow on the northern slopes of the Jardin du Borsat before finishing with a ripper on the piste. (See photos)

Chris skied the Pays Desert with Stephen P’s family before coming over the Col while Henry made the best of things up at the Fornet by choosing good lines. Andreas headed towards Tignes and had a great run down the Sache and managed to make it to the bottom without too much trouble, and finished up in the Spatule. It wasn’t good everywhere this morning and I thought the team did a cracking job today, bravo boys! (Thomas was on piste this morning with some kids and he showed them a terrific time.)

The girls have had a lovely Easter Monday off school. They spent the morning scooting around the tourist office with Grace and Emilia, and then good old Ray took them for a big ski this afternoon as Gill is not ready to ski yet. Again they hooked up with the twins at the end of the day and showed up home at 5.30 pm ! Back to school tomorrow for their final 4 days.

A big thanks to John and Margaret for a really lovely evening last night. The girls did egg painting and we all had a wonderful Sunday roast, superb effort. Can’t quite believe that both girls slept in until 8.15 this morning !

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