Unexpected sunshine and great skiing!

02 April 2013

We had a bonus day of sunshine today that wasn’t really expected and everyone made the most of it. The two main options this morning were either the Sachette or the Glacier Pers, and the boys covered both options beautifully. After being at the Fornet yesterday Chris and I headed to the Sachette via the Borsat Nord, and had a brilliant ski top-to-bottom. I was surprised to find powder on the northern-side all the way down, even at the lowest altitude. We finished off with a surprisingly good Familial and it was another great morning.

Meanwhile, Andreas and Henry chose the Glacier Pers and they had a fantastic morning as well. With blue skies, sunshine, excellent snow, and wonderful scenery, it was a terrific morning. I ran into Jean-Pascal this afternoon from Henry’s group and he thoroughly enjoyed his ski. Thomas was boarding today but I haven’t heard how he got on.

I skied with Adam and his 13-year-old son Tom this afternoon, and we skied off the Mont Blanc, the Familial twice, and a sneaky Spatule. Young Tom is doing really well and besides being a great little skier, he’s a superb golfer as well. Bravo Tom!

Hopefully we’ll get lucky with the weather again tomorrow as vis will make life so much easier as our options start to dwindle. Stay tuned!

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