An unexpected day of beautiful sunshine!

03 April 2013

The day started off cloudy but with with lighter patches above we were hoping for some vis, but we were totally delighted to break into clear blue skies upstairs. All of a sudden a potentially tricky day had huge and much appreciated potential. Chris and I headed up to the Glacier Pers and when we arrived at the Col there was an amazing sea-of-cloud below, and I thought it might cause a little trouble later on but it burnt off in about five minutes. The skiing on the Glacier Pers was excellent again today all the way to the cut out line and we took our ‘funky’ route down from the Grand Torsai for ambience.

I’ve never seen such a dreadful track up the Glacier Pers before as whoever cut it zig-zagged back and forth across the best line and ruined a lot of potentially great skiing. What a bummer! There is a ridge to follow, which leaves two perfect halves and maximizes the skiing and to see one half destroyed by a poor track was disappointing. Anyway, it was still great skiing!

Meanwhile Andreas and Henry ‘skinned’ up to the Balmes des l’Ours and had a fantastic ski down. North is still excellent and Andreas reported that the spring slopes still need a few more days to come around, which would open up some options, although we should get some more snow in the meantime.

I skied the Combe du Signal and Col Pers with Adam and his son Tom this afternoon while Chris was out in the Pays Desert with a new client Olivier.

The forecast is for a grotty day tomorrow but we’ll wait and see.

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