April 21st and 22nd

22 April 2008

(21st) It snowed around 25cm’s overnight and continued during the day, giving TJ excellent conditions to finish his season. He skied up at the Fornet in the Combe du Signal, Combe du 3300, and finished over the Col Pers with just enough light to travel comfortable. I was down the valley just outside Annecy playing golf with Andreas, who played off of 4, which is jolly good and fun to watch. I was rubbish but still managed enough good shots to stay positive. Chris had the day off as well as it’s calming down and although the snow is still falling the resort is empty. The forecast is for more snow tonight before it clears on Wednesday and a high pressure system moves in. Sports Report- The Hammers finally won a match, the bottom is getting tighter as Bolton won again, and Tevez saved Man U with a last minute equaliser. Good stuff but I’m really looking forward to the Champions League on Tuesday and Wednesday and will be well installed in front of my tele. And on the Ice Hockey front, the Calgary Flames forced Game Seven with a 2-0 win in Game Six over the San Jose Sharks. April 22nd. We saw TJ off in style last night with a great evening in the Bars Des Sports and I snuck away en route to the Blue Note, where Chris, JM, Suzanne, Kristina, Jo H, David, Ali, and Brian ended up until 2AM. Anyway, this morning we were presented with more snow, flat-light and enough wind to keep many lifts closed during the morning. Still we had an excellent ski with a run on the Solaise piste, one on the OK, then the Campanules, the Combe des Lanches, the Col du Palet and a Familial to finish. The forecast is for slightly brighter skies tomorrow, which would be nice, with a sunny day on Thursday, then it’s 50/50 whether the high-pressure arrives or not. I guess will just take what we get and get on with it!

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