Happy Birthday girls!

05 April 2013

It was another grey day and we weren’t really expecting very much, but we all had a surprisingly good day. Chris and I headed to the Sachette and had lovely powder for the first half before turning to the sunny-side for some excellent spring snow all the way to the bottom. From there the sun appeared giving us even better spring snow through the par-avalanche followed by a cracking good Familial to finish.

Andreas went off ‘couloir hunting’ in the Chardonnet and around the ‘Wall’ while Thomas and Henry were both skiing around the Grande Motte. North remains powder or soft winter snow while the sunny-expositions are supporting with good spring snow, especially down low and with the dusting of fresh snow the sun wasn’t totally necessary to have a good feel underfoot, so all the boys had a choice and found great skiing today.

Gill took Mel for a walk up the Manchet to watch Katie’s cross-country this afternoon and I went along but stayed out of Mel’s way as she’s totally nuts! It’s incredible how much energy she has and what a good basketball player she has become. Bravo Mel! It’s the girls last day of French school today as they return to England next Wednesday and start school on the 15th. Boy that was a quick winter!

It’s John and Margaret’s daughter Dawn’s 50th birthday today, and she shares a birthday with Kaye, so Happy Birthday girls!

More of the same is forecast weather-wise over the next few days but as long as we can see we should have some excellent skiing to look forward to. Stay tuned!

PS Chris worked this afternoon and found a lovely stash of fresh snow but I won’t tell you about it until tomorrow!

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