A beautiful day for Gill's return!

06 April 2013

I worked all day and just got in at 5PM and am off for dinner shortly to Doctor Laura’s, so it will be a short one tonight. Gill managed her first day skiing for 18-days and with beautiful blue skies and 15 to 20cm’s at the Fornet, she had a cracking good return. It started off a little panicky as she phoned me at the Gourmandine at 8:50 to say the Millie had lost her house and ski locker keys and that she needed to go to Jean Sports to get them skis. Fortunately Ray volunteered and went home to sort it out while the rest of my team warmed up with some lovely snow off the Laisinant before skiing one under the Bubbles from the Pyramid while we waited for Gill and Ray to catch us up. They arrived pronto and we all skied an excellent run in the Combe du Signal before joining Chris up on the Glacier. After a 10-minute ‘skin’ in the Pays Desert we had 20cm’s of wonderful winter powder and it remained good all the way to the bottom. We then dived over the Col, which was equally good and the bonus was good skiing from the Grand Torsai down, which of late has been dreadful. Gill skied really well and thoroughly enjoyed being back out there, and Fay has made some excellent progress this week. Bravo girls! And I must say Chris’ team of Chris D’s crew did a superb job this morning and left perfect tracks everywhere they travelled.

Andreas and Henry were off ‘couloir hunting’ again this morning and had some great skiing. Andreas is skiing with Derek, Paul and Andy while I’m not too sure who Henry is entertaining, and I think Thomas had the day off.

Gill was invited to come along this afternoon with Adam and Tom, and we were lucky with the sun following us about as we skied off the Laisinant, the Grand Vallon, the Combe du Signal, the Pays Desert, and then the Solaise piste to finish. (I unfortunately forgot my camera’s battery in the charger this morning but did manage some photos this afternoon.)

Millie had a bit of an emotional goodbye to her school friends yesterday as she’s made some really good little French girlfriends, and she’s going to miss them.

I had a wonderful drink’s session with Ellie, her Mum and Dad, Audrey and Rolf, along with her two daughters Jesse and Lara. It was great to see them all again and we had some good laughs. They’re all on good form and enjoying life.

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