Not the easiest!

07 April 2013

It was one of the tougher days of the season with fog just about everywhere, or where I was anyways until late on. It was forecast to clear so I optimistically headed off with Henry to ski spring snow around the Cocaine and Glattier. Unfortunately it didn’t clear and we had to ski it in a fog, which made it more delicate than it actually was. Thanks very much to Henry for taking my group while Steve and I bypassed the Glattier and stayed on the piste. I then circled back and had a nice run in the Jardin du Borsat as the sun finally made an appearance.

Thomas did a great job as he went off to ski the Pointe des Fours, which was a brave move when he was all alone. Fortunately he had decent light most of the morning and didn’t have any stress with the navigation. Bravo Thomas! Andreas headed to the Motte but couldn’t ski his couloir due to the fog and he circled back around to ski the Pisteur’s instead. Chris had the day off and I must say it was a good one to miss, although there was some good skiing out there if you lucked into the vis.

The girls are out for their last Club des Sports session and they are going to miss their lives here as they leave next Wednesday, and I’m going to miss them, contrary to what I say occasionally.

Ness and Victor came by with Tansy today and I receive a fabulous cuddle from Ness. Thanks Ness, it was just what I needed after arriving in a fog to the Gourmandine!

It’s a big day in the Premiership and the Hammers are kicking off right now. Come on boys!

PS And thanks for a fab meal last night Laura, it was a brilliant evening!

PSS I just saw Thomas’ photos from this morning and he lucked out and had vis and sunshine all morning long, with great snow! And what a good point for the Hammers away to Liverpool!

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