A welcomed result after yesterday!

08 April 2013

After a tough day yesterday we were all hoping for a change in fortune, but none of us expected such a good ski this morning. Yesterday afternoon’s blast of sun set up the spring slopes nicely and after a good freeze the spring slopes were ready to go. With overcast skies and no sun to soften the snow we were aided by the fresh snow falling that ‘ate’ into the frozen surface layer giving us a lovely texture no matter what the exposition. Chris, Andreas, Henry and I all headed towards the Sachette for some lovely powder up high, followed by fantastic spring snow the rest of the way to the bottom.. We then had a bonus run on perfect ‘spring’ through the par-avalanche and the rest of the boys braved a little fog to ski the Alti-port while I cut in lower down at the bridge then skied a funky route through the trees into the Piste Perdue. After yesterday’s trails and tribulations I’d give today a ‘brilliant’ rating!

I skied with Tim this afternoon and Andreas had mentioned that the Campanules was in good nick so we skied that twice, followed by the Familial, and we had great snow and the always welcomed ‘light-bulb’ above us lighting out way. We came back up for a little technique to finish and ran into Tansy who was skiing with Peter C’s children, and there is absolutely no doubt who their father is. Wow!

The girls are having a little party with some of their friends and the Mum’s are here as well so I’m at Chez Ray’s doing the update. Ray has been brilliant with the girls and is a real natural. Thanks for your help Ray!

It’s snowing quite nicely at the moment and we should be in for some good fresh snow in the morning. Stay tuned!

And Happy Birthday Clive!

PS I forgot to mention that Kaye stepped out of her ski at a very inopportune moment and went head-first for about twenty metres through the grass and dirt. Fortunately she didn’t hurt herself and popeed up and dusted herself off, but she will need to wash the mud of her new ski gear. Sorry Kaye! (See photos)

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