Fresh snow, flat-light, but great skiing!

09 April 2013

A good 15 to 20cm’s fell overnight, perhaps a little more in places, and with decent visibility towards the Fornet the team headed that way for a change of scenery. We had a good warm-up off the Laisinant and in the Combe du Signal but unfortunately by the time we arrived on the glacier the weather had moved back in and with snow falling it quickly became another day of flat-light to deal with. Andreas and I stayed around the Combe 3300 for three rotations as we had some great skiing and had laid down our markers for navigational purposes, while Chris headed out into the Pays Desert on his own and Henry was out there in the flat-light as well. Andreas caught his ski on some frozen debris and started to feel his knee being stressed. To protect himself he threw himself down but unfortunately hurt his ribs and winded himself in the process. He didn’t look good but x-rays confirmed that he hasn’t broken anything and he’s going to try to ski tomorrow. Good luck Andreas!

I had another great afternoon with Tim and with the poor vis we hung around Bellevarde and did several rotations between the jumps in the closed Snow Park, which was pisted with 25cm’s on top. We ran into Stephen, Kaye and the two Daves, plus Gideon, all of whom were braving the elements as it got pretty wild by the end of the afternoon.

We’ve enjoyed a very stable period with risks around 1 and 2, but it is all changing with the new snow, combined with very strong winds this afternoon. Well need to be careful tomorrow but at least the sun is forecast to help us avoid trouble.

I had a fabulous candle-light dinner last night with Geoff D before watching the Man U v Man City match. The dinner listed below was gorgeous and the wine was stunning. Thanks very much Geoff!

Confit de canard
Two types of lentils
Pommes rissoles ( with duck fat)
Montgomery cheddar, Abondance, Bleu de Maurienne

2001 Kientzler Osterberg Grand Cru
1996 Clos des Papes -Avril

And thanks to Clive for inviting my girls to his birthday party last night. They had a great time and it was nice to see the Ellis’ again before they left today, and of course your lovely daughter Georgina who’s here visiting from Hong Kong, and Mark and his wife Courtney.

I’d better sign off as my girls are leaving tomorrow!

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