An outstanding morning had by all!

10 April 2013

It’s a short one as I’m off to the airport shortly. But, we all had a brilliant day with wonderful sunshine and stunning snow! My team skied the Epaule du Charvet (while waiting for the Fornet to open), the Super L, one off the Laisinant, the Combe du Signal, the Col Pers, and the Combe du Signal to finish. Chris did an excellent job opening the Col Pers, which was impressive at the entrance and had the pitter-patter effect. All the boys more or less skied variations of the same this morning and it was a cracking session of ‘maximum’ turns.

Andreas was in pain but managed his morning, well done you tough little Viking! And thanks to Red Ray for giving up his powder to ski with Millie and Katie while Gill finished packing.

We had a great lunch at the Burger bar and we’re getting ready to leave. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow and the photos are up.

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