Tough but great skiing under the circumstances!

11 April 2013

It was another grey day and we headed upstairs to the Fornet for altitude and northerly options, which were necessary due to the extremely warm temperatures and yesterday‘s heat. We did as best as we could today under the circumstances and we all had a pretty jolly good ski. (see photos) I was ambushed by Derek, Colin, Steve, and the already under-the-influence Andreas, as well as Gideon this evening while en route to the shop to help Chris out, and ended up staggering home needing to support myself against pillars and taking some time out to sit down here and there. It was nothing compared to my chemical reaction with Blue a few years back, but it was a good reminder that I’m not the legendary party boy of 25-years or so ago. In fact, I’m a bit of a whimp these days! Anyway, I’ve made some internet bookings for the end of the season and hopefully my travel dates correspond with when and where I actually want to travel. Wish me luck and thanks Colin!

Stay tuned for confirmation tomorrow!

PS My girls and Ray returned safely to the UK yesterday, and although I’m enjoying the peace and quiet, I do miss them already!

PPS It looks like an exciting start to the Masters in Augusta. Does anyone remember Caddy Shack?

PPPS Ian won a ‘skier of the day’ award today with a solid performance. He was well pleased and said he’s never won the prestigous award before but has won the ‘splat du jour’ award several times in the past. I picked up a ‘dog of the day’ award for skiing badly from start to finish, but with the poor vis got away with it as no one seemed to notice!

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