Quite astonishing!

12 April 2013

Out of the blue came one of the finest and most satisfying morning’s of the season. I can’t remember covering so much ground and making so many quality turns in a morning before. The snow wasn’t deep, between 10 and 20cm’s, but it lay on a perfectly smooth supporting base and we could ski non-stop and at pace all morning long. The first turn off the edge of the Verte signified a great morning to come, but I never quite expected it to be so good.

My team skied off the Mont Blanc, under the Borsat chair into the lower Borsat and meadows into Tignes, up the Motte to ski off the Genepy to the bottom, back up the Motte for two rotations on my shoulder, off the top of the Genepy before cutting over to the Cairn, a ‘Funky’ Familial, one of Andreas’ mini-Spatule’s and another Familial to finish at 12:45. Wow, what a morning!

Thomas and Chris were around the Motte and waited for the first cable-car while Andreas skied the Sache before we hooked up later in the morning. Andreas was in pretty good shape considering what he went through at the hands of Colin and Derek yesterday, (as was I for that matter) but with astonishing skiing no one was feeling sorry for themselves!

I skied potentially my last afternoon of the season today with Tim and we skied the Spatule, off the Mont Blanc piste, two rotations in the Jardin du Borsat, and Andreas’ mini-Spatule. Well done Tim and see you next season!

Suzanne is off to Normandy for a week so Chris will be hanging out with Jack Bauer as he tries to get through series 3 of ‘24’. Gripping stuff!

And finally a very happy birthday to my lovely wife Gill, who is celebrating with the girls, her parents, her sister and Wils and Rosie. Have a great day and brilliant meal tonight! This is the first birthday that we’ve been apart since her 30th, and she would have loved the ski today.

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